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Presentation Title & Synopsis: 









Presentation Title & Synopsis: 


First delivered at the Great Canadian Genealogy Summit (GCGS) in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. October 2016.

“Our Opening Plenary speaker was Jennifer DeBruin. Jennifer got us off to a great start with her inspirational and moving talk about her ancestors and how she came to know them through sharing their stories. People were pumped and ready for the weekend to begin.”GCGS Website

Presentation Title & Synopsis: 


Subject Matter: United Empire Loyalists, American Revolution, Colonial American History, Canadian History

Time Period: Mid-1700s – Early 1800s, focusing on American Revolution 1775-1783

Presentation Title & Synopsis:

Subject Matter: United Empire Loyalists, American Revolution, Colonial American History, Canadian History

Time Period: Mid-1700s – Early 1800s, focusing on American Revolution 1775-1783



Discovering & Sharing Our History – Our Story

(Genealogy: Beginner – Intermediate)

Topic Highlights: 

  • Preparing to Research: Suggested forms, what to look for first, etc…
  • Where to Research: Types of sources, sites to visit (electronic & physical), etc…
  • Importance of Historical Context: Understanding the times of our ancestors, and how it offers clues to further research
  • Ways to Share Information: Ideas on documenting, storing, and sharing with family and others
  • Introduction to Genealogical DNA: Options and uses in research

Time Travel

Exploring how genealogy and historical research can provide context to better understand history and the people who lived it. Insights about how Jennifer uses this to inspire her writing, and how you may use this to make your ancestors ‘come to life.’

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Great Canadian Genealogy Summit – Opening Plenary Speaker (Brampton, ON), Prince Edward County Museums | Lost Villages Historical Society | 1000 Islands River Heritage Society | Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) – Ottawa Branch | Brockville Collegiate Institute (Gr.7) | UELAC—Branches: Kingston, St. Lawrence, Bay of Quinte, Kawartha, Toronto, Sir Guy Carleton| Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) – Cornwall & District, Nepean | Women’s Institute (WI) – Kingston & District *

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Presentation Specs:

  • Length: Available in 20 minute, 40 minute, or 1-hour, or custom length to organizational requirements
  • Format: Multimedia (requiring overhead projector & screen – laptop supplied by presenter). Microphone if large room, otherwise, speaker is adept at projecting voice.
  • Fee: Fair Honorarium (+travel depending on distance)
  • Sales: Presenter requests ability to make books available for sale to audience after presentations. If presenting in United States of America, host organization is responsible for onsite sales and forwarding funds to author.